The Panel Jumper Live-Streaming for September 10, 2021

WEST OF LENIN AND THE PANEL JUMPER PRESENT THE PANEL JUMPER **LIVE-STREAMING** A COMIC BOOK-THEMED DIGITAL VARIETY EVENT ABOUT THE PANEL JUMPER **LIVE-STREAMING** Cosplayer and Singer/Songwriter extraordinaire Helen Roundhill will suit up and transport us with melodies both daring and delightful. Writer and nerd scholar Darien Torbert will share his… Continue reading

The Panel Jumper LITE – March 22, 2021

Join us as Cole and Ben welcome writer and artist Marc J. Palm. Marc’s been on the Perfect Bound Podcast before so we’re excited to have him back on the show. Tune in as we talk to Marc about: • His inspiration for the character of Fang • Plans for… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 274

2020 Year in Review Today on the show, the gang get back together and talk about the largest stories that came out of 2020, including: • Gerry Conway reclaiming The Punisher logo for BLM • Marvel and Scholastic unite for new line of titles for young readers • Archie announces… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 273

Today, we welcome musician, playwright, filmmaker and artist Matthew Southworth. Matt’s impressive CV includes uncredited re-writes on the film “Suspect Zero” (a story in and of itself); playing with his band The Capillaries, as well as with Harvey Danger, all around Seattle; and illustrating titles such as Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, X-Men,… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 272

Battle of the Linguist Mages Today on the show, Cole and Ben welcome playwright and novelist Scotto Moore. Scotto is a Seattle-based, multi-media raconteur who, for fourteen years, has been a cornerstone of the Seattle Fringe Theatre community. During his fourteen years as an active playwright, we saw major productions… Continue reading