The Panel Jumper LITE – August 17, 2020

Today on the show, Cole Hornaday and Ben Laurance gibber-jabber about:

• The Godzilla Museum-slash-Theme Park in Japan
• Is Clifford the Big Red Dog a kaiju or not?
• AMC exec blames Negan for the downfall of “The Walking Dead,” and Jeffrey Dean Morgan must be pissed
• AMC is milking that undead cow and will produce Walking Dead properties until the end of time
• Boom Studios ineptitude inadvertently creates collectibles
• DC cleans their editorial house
• Jim Lee has to clarity that DC will still publish comics
• Ray Fisher has some not-nice things to say about Geoff Johns
• Part 2 of Cole and Ben’s interview with Barry Ira Geller about working with Jack Kirby. Visit his site at
• Cole waxes poetic about Island of Dr. Moreau and HP Lovecraft’s “The Color out of Space”

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