The Panel Jumper Live – Chapter I

The magic of sequential storytelling–comic books! Produced in collaboration with West of Lenin, this one-night gala features the talents of drag chanteuse Ms. Anita Goodman, singer-songwriter Rick Miller, MC and rabble-rouser Professor Jake Stratton, the wild and wonderful puppetry of Vox Fabuli, nerd-tastic burlesque by Daisy O’Day, new work from playwright Jim Jewell, and a special live podcast recording with the crew of the Perfect Bound Podcast featuring Hugo Award Winning artist and writer Phil Foglio! All photos by Dennie Chong.

Phil Folio talks with the Perfect Bound Podcast crew. Click here to listen to that show

Rick Miller sings

Ms. Anita Goodman chats with Cole

Cole and Ben chat on the couch

Hugo Award winning cartoonist Phil Foglio sits down with Cole

Prof. Jake Stratton talks about heroes quitting

A new live Panel Jumper short – Reduction of the Innocent

Ms. Daisy O’Day presents some nerd burlesque

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