Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 154

On this brand new fresh episode, we tackle the latest news topics, such as:
• What’s coming up at Comics Dungeon
• Early Black Panther ticket sales are outpacing all other Marvel titles on Fandango
• Weak December 2017 puts comic shop orders down 10%
• Ron Perlman, Mark Hamill to join Transformers: Power of the Primes
• Guillermo Del Toro’s Golden Globe for The Shape of Water is the first above-the-line award given to a monster movie in modern Hollywood history
• And finally, the rumor that Brian Michael Bendis takes on Superman for Action Comics #1000

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For Book Report, Chris reviews Robert Kirkman’s Oblivion Song from Image.

Cole and Nicole share a Book Report segment and discuss the new Snagglepuss title from DC.

And finally, Ben reviews Descender Vol. 2 from Image.

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