Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 171

We start today’s show off with Cole’s microphone not plugged in. But don’t worry, we fix it soon enough. After we solve that avoidable tech issue, we talk about:
• What’s coming up at Comics Dungeon soon, including Ace Comic Con
• Two out of four of us have seen Avengers: Infinity War
Deadly Class to be a TV show on SyFy
Moon Knight is going to be a part of the MCU, which elicits a collective “meh”
DC Universe is going to be yet ANOTHER streaming service, with shows like Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol
• Speaking of DC, Brian Michael Bendis’ Man of Steel will be returnable (with some caveats)
• And finally, we say goodbye to Margot Kidder

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Today on Book Report, Nicole reviews My Boyfriend is a Bear from Oni Press.

Ben reviews the final trade of Letter 44 from Oni Press.

Cole reviews the new Kick-Ass #1 by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr from Image

And finally, Chris reviews The Joe Shuster Story: The Artist Behind Superman from Supergenius Publishing.

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