Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 237

Today’s show is episode 237, regardless of what Ben says at the beginning. Other news topics wherein Ben or others might miss-speak include:

Disney and Sony are having a dispute about Spider-Man
Ernie Colon dies at age 88
Art Spiegelman pulled his Marvel Folio intro after Disney demand he not criticize the president
Speaking of Disney not making the BEST sociopolitical choices… top-level exec at Disney afraid film that criticizes Nazis might alienate their audience
Kevin Conroy will finally get to play a live-action Bruce Wayne
Charlie Adlard says Walking Dead ending was planned as far back as 2015

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Today on Book Report, Cole reviews Joe Ollmann’s The Abominable Mr. Seabook from Drawn and Quarterly.

Chris reviews Chip Zdarsky’s The White Trees #1 from Image.

And finally, Nicole reviews Daniel Warren Johnson’s Murder Falcon from Image.

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