Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 245

Photo © AlexeyRU

Today on a special extended Threefer™ edition, the gang start off talking about Joker’s debut at the Venice Film Festival, where the director says it’s an Oscar contender. Audiences are polarized by the film, but so far the Venice Film Fest director might have a point.

And then the Stumble Bound gang stumble to the table once again and talk about toys, and the growing wealth gap of toy collectors. Want to add Unicron to your collection, well too bad unless you have almost $600 to throw down.

Then we return to our regularly scheduled program for Book Report and Quiz Time.

And if you like the Joaquin Phoenix toy above, visit AlexeyRU’s etsy store here.

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Today on Book Report, Chris reviews Legion of Super-heroes: Millennium #1 from DC.

Cole reviews The History of the Marvel Universe Book 1 and 2 from Marvel.

And finally, Nicole reviews Unnatural Vol. 1 from Image.

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