Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 269

The Death of Retail
Comics Dungeon had always been a partner with The Panel Jumper to produce the Perfect Bound Podcast. Sadly, this past summer the store had to close. Today on our first show in six months, the gang welcome founder and former owner of Comics Dungeon and Corner Comics G. Scott Tomlin. Scott joins our regular panel of Ben Laurance, Cole Hornaday, Chris Casos and Nicole Lamb to talk about the events that lead up to the decision to close both stores.

The topics we cover include:

• The health of the comics industry leading up to the pandemic
• The decision to pull out of ECCC
• Ramping up mail-order service
• The success of the GoFundMe
• The economic impact of the pandemic to the stores
• The stress of running the stores
• How Diamond wasn’t helping
• How DC’s decision regarding Diamond was worse
• What led to the decision to close Comics Dungeon and Corner Comics
• What happened to the remaining stock
• What’s next for everybody

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