Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 273

Today, we welcome musician, playwright, filmmaker and artist Matthew Southworth. Matt’s impressive CV includes uncredited re-writes on the film “Suspect Zero” (a story in and of itself); playing with his band The Capillaries, as well as with Harvey Danger, all around Seattle; and illustrating titles such as Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, X-Men, Thunderbolts and several stories for Dark Horse which he also wrote.

Matt also co-created Stumptown with Greg Rucka, which was picked up by ABC and ran for one season starring Cobie Smulders (the MCU’s Maria Hill).

Matt’s current project The Cloven, written by “The Art of Racing in the Rain” author Garth Stein is currently available from Fantagraphics.

Tune in to this episode as Cole and Ben speak with Matt about:

• Matt’s experience in the Seattle music scene
• How he came to work on the film “Suspect Zero”
• How he transitioned from writing screenplays to drawing comics
• Working with Stefano Gaudiano
• Developing Stumptown with Greg Rucka
• Being an Executive Producer on the Stumptown TV show
• Getting connected with Garth Stein to work on The Cloven
• Creating the environments for Stumptown and The Cloven
• Publishing The Cloven as a graphic novel series
• Dealing with the after effects of having COVID during 2020
• His process for drawing and coloring pages
• …and much, much more. Parents beware, this episode contains occasional bad words.

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