Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 276

Marc J. Palm
Today on the show, Cole and Ben welcome back to the show Marc J. Palm. Marc joins us today because the second volume of his indie hit The Fang is out now.

Tune in as we talk to Marc about:
• His inspiration for the character of Fang
• Plans for future volumes of The Fang
• Why physical copies of The Fang look the way they do
• His experience with the Short Run Launch Party
• The difficulty with marketing your own stuff
• Fractals!
• How being nominated for an Eisner award has affected him
• What he’s learned working on The Fang
• What creating has been like during the pandemic
• The upcoming Punch to Kill
• Whether or not he’s worried about infringing on IP
• What’s up next for Marc

Connect with Marc!
Etsy | Patreon | Instagram | The Fang Facebook

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