Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 37

In this episode, Ben has no idea what year it is, Cole schools everybody on how to pronounce Mahabharata as they talk about Grant Morrison’s “18 Days,” Nicole wonders why toy manufacturers don’t want more money, and Chris was wrong and there is no #0 issue for 18 Days. He’s just confused these days with the eleventy bajillioon relaunches and .1 issues. Also, the series of books focusing on Greek mythology Chris couldn’t remember is the Olympians, and the adaptation of the Odyssey he wanted to recommend was by Gareth Hinds.

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Today on Book Report, Cole reviews The Wicked + The Divine vol 1 & 2 from Image.

Nicole reviews Sunstone, vol. 1 from Image.

And finally, Chris reviews Surface Tension from Titan Comics.

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