Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 66

DCComicsOne of the killer assets we have here at the Perfect Bound Podcast is perspective from the retail side of the comic book industry. Today on the show, Ben calls upon Chris and Nicole to expound upon their experiences as comic book retailers. Spoilers: It’s an actual job, and like an actual job there are upsides and downsides but ultimately it’s hard work and it’s rewarding.

We also rejoin the Stumble Bound crew already in progress (about three to four drinks in) wherein Cole, Chris, and Ben decide how to “fix” the DC and X-Men problems. What are our solutions? Give it a listen, but don’t worry. We eventually turn Cole’s microphone back on.

Concluding Stumble Bound, we play a round of “Who Ya Got?”

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Today on Book Report, Chris reviews Jay Gunn’s Surface Tension from Titan.

Nicole reviews The Mighty Zodiac from Oni Press.

And finally, Cole reviews Nameless #6 from Image.

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