Perfect Bound Podcast

Join Ben Laurance and Cole Hornaday of The Panel Jumper, and Chris Casos and Nicole Lamb from Comics Dungeon each week as they discuss everything and anything comic books and comics related.

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 03

Today, the gang discuss kid-friendly material, as well as the comic industry’s attempt to shift their focus away from white, 20- 30-year old heterosexual male protagonists. The title Nicole and Chris were clumsily trying to recollect about Trans Men was called Transposes: Chris said orthopedics when he meant Optometrist…. Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 02

Chris, Cole, Ben, and Nicole take to the pod-waves and discuss the print vs. digital issue, plus they dive into the awesomeness that is Squirrel Girl. E-mail us: Comics Dungeon: The Panel Jumper: Sexy Dad:

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 01

In this inaugural episode, Ben Laurance, Chris Casos, Cole Hornaday, and Nicole Lamb sit down inside Seattle, Washington’s Comics Dungeon and spend a half-hour talking about comic books. At this point, the podcast was called “Giant Size,” and then we were taught an important lesson to google names of podcasts… Continue reading