Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 182

Today on the show, the gang tackle a handful of comic headlines, including: • Grant Morrison to take over Green Lantern • Marvel and IDW to team up for “middle-grade” comics • Fantagraphics announces the return of The Comics Journal to print • Tom King talks about breaking Batman •… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 111

Today on this “funny” episode, we spend some time talking about humor comics. Many comics can be humorous, so we explore comics that fall squarely within the genre of comedy. We also discuss the link and the disconnect between comic books and the comic strips you find in your local… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 33

This week, we talk about happy news, like Todd McFarlane’s twitter hack, the first look at Supergirl’s Red Tornado, DC’s copyright suit victory over an independent Batmobile maker, Ta-Nehisi Coates will be penning the new Black Panther comic, Disney will be re-releasing the original theatrical Star Wars, and that Marvel… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 27

In this episode, the gang talk about how the industry is ignoring the success of the manga title “Attack on Titan,” as well as the Mark Waid and J.G. Jones title “Strange Fruit,” and subsequent backlash. At about the 10 minute mark, Ben said Michael Jackson when he of course… Continue reading