Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 255

Today on a special year-end episode, the gang talk about not just their favorite books of 2019, but of the entire 2010s. And in so doing find out that it is a difficult endeavor beyond measure to find the best comics from the past ten years. Tune in to find… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 186

Today on a new smoke-free show, the gang talk about • What’s happening at Comics Dungeon these days • Marvel reveals Loki’s Cosmic Avengers • Dark Horse announces new Neil Gaiman adaptations • DC may add Supergirl to their extended cinematic universe • Uncanny X-Men returning as a weekly •… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 170

On an inexplicably silly episode today, the gang discuss a few topics of note, including: • Barnes and Noble to expand their kids graphic novel section • Amazon is developing Transhuman and East of West TV shows • The Last Bar at the End of the World written by comic… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 61

Hybrid Deluxe! Two shows in one! Today on the show, we Explain to Ben (and Cole) why #1s are perceived as being the most valuable issues in a run. We also talk about other “key” issues that are more valuable than either the first or last issues. We also premiere… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 08

This week, the gang talk about the new Mad Max movie, post-apocalyptic comics, Alan Moore’s “Providence,” and the best Lovecraftian comics. E-mail us: Comics Dungeon: The Panel Jumper: