Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 97

Today on the show, we talk about the Cat Cosplay event that happened at Comics Dungeon, plus their end of the year sale. For more information on the sale, visit the store or find them on Facebook. We also talk about Black Bolt’s new stand-alone title, R.L. Stein penning some… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 85

Today on the show we talk about buying vs. borrowing comics. How does one determine which comics to take a chance on and buy, or just get from the library or borrow from a friend, as well as comics we keep in boxes vs comics we display proudly on our… Continue reading

The Panel Jumper – Issue 001: Muck Men Mania

Join Cole Hornaday – aka The Panel Jumper – as he leads you through the muck to discover just how and why swamp men became a thing of comic book lore. Written by Cole Hornaday Directed by Ben Laurance Starring Cole Hornaday as The Panel Jumper Mike Gilson as Manager… Continue reading