The Panel Jumper – Issue 007: Jack Kirby and the Lord of Light

Many people are familiar with Ben Affleck’s 2012 Oscar winning film Argo, but not many know the connection Argo has to the All-Father of American Comics – Jack Kirby. written by COLE HORNADAY directed by BEN LAURANCE produced by BEN & COLE starring manager mike MIKE GILSON jack kirby TROY… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 42

In this episode, the gang get back together and re-discover how to do a podcast. Our first segment is Shameless Self-Promotion, where Cole talks about the current play he is in: Shoggoths on the Veldt; Ben talks about the play he was in which just closed: The Ballad of Karla… Continue reading

The Panel Jumper – Issue 002: Iron Curtain Maiden

In the second full episode of The Panel Jumper, Cole Hornaday attempts to unravel the curious history of OCTOBRIANA. Written by Cole Hornaday Directed by Ben Laurance Starring Cole Hornaday as The Panel Jumper Mike Gilson as Manager Mike AJ Epstein as Petr Sadecky Jaime Roberts as Trina Robbins Kendra… Continue reading