Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 119

The Justice Society of America and the Legion of Super-Heroes are slowly returning to DC. Some fans may not remember which superheroes represent each one of these stalwarts of super teams of yore, so today we spend some time discussing these titles and why you should care. We also like… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 51

Today, the gang talk about the end of Secret Wars, the possible “relaunch” of DC, and how the constant relaunching of titles is ruining the industry. Even Eric Stephenson of Image says the constant rebooting and renumbering is “leading everyone down a dead end road.” We also help cast the… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 34

Today, the gang discusses Batman Day, the Guinness World Record for cosplayers at the Salt Lake City Comic Con, Chip Zdarsky turns down the Harvey Award for Sex Criminals, the Emerald City Comic Con 4-Day tickets sold out in hours, the Pacific Rim sequel is not dead yet, and that… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 19

Dude-vorce. In this episode, Cole and Ben decide to end their bro-ship. The gang also talk about the failed Archie Kickstarter campaign, title reboots, and the One Million Moms petition against the new “Lucifer” TV show. E-mail us: The Panel Jumper: The Panel Jumper Patreon campaign: Comics… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 17

Thwarted! In this episode, the gang talk about how life gets in the way of the things you need to take care of. We also compare and contrast the CBS Super Girl trailer to the SNL Black Widow parody; the new Lumberjanes movie and The Wicked + The Divine TV… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 12

This week, the gang talk about the current crop of comic-book inspired TV shows, including Daredevil, Arrow, and iZombie. We also talk about the fact that both DC and Marvel are doing the same thing with Convergence and Secret War. You can find The Trusty Henchmen’s reviews of these comics… Continue reading