Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 219

Today is a special Flintstones episode. Yes, it’s a collection of all the times we had an issue of Mark Russell and Steve Pugh’s The Flintstones during book report. It’s also an interesting emotional arc for our very own Cole Hornaday as we hear his initial intrigue with the title… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 127

Today on the show, after a brief plug for Cole’s current show (Greensward, go check it out), the gang discuss: • What people are buying at Comics Dungeon this week. • The passing of Stan Lee’s wife, Joan Lee. • Amalgam Comics receiving a $50,000 grant to expand. • Spider-Man:… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 102

Today on the show, the gang are briefly side-tracked by the cold weather. On topic, should you bag and board every single comic you own? We also talk lots of Doctor Doom, and what titles you should read if you want to get into the character. And finally, we premiere… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 89

Today on the show, we talk about how Emerald City Comic Con tickets sold out in the blink of an eye – if it takes you 6 minutes to blink. We also discuss Wonder Woman becoming the UN Girl’s Empowerment Ambassador, Ron Perlman says Hellboy 3 has been shelved, and… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 78

Today on the show, Ben asks the panel if there are any sports related comics he can read right now to get his sports fix, while his beloved Seattle Mariners are doing that thing they do every year and can’t seem to win a ballgame. Some sports comics mention are… Continue reading