Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 209

Today’s show is a solo Stumble Bound recording where Chris, Ben, and Cole – three sheets to the wind at this point – discuss world building; what makes a good vs bad world/universe, how to build and maintain them, and what comics and creators are best at it. Jim Shooter’s… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 85

Today on the show we talk about buying vs. borrowing comics. How does one determine which comics to take a chance on and buy, or just get from the library or borrow from a friend, as well as comics we keep in boxes vs comics we display proudly on our… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 60

Today, the gang discuss lettering in comics in relation to both the graphic nature of, as well as phonetic spelling. We also talk about independent creators, and what to do (and what NOT to do) to get your independent comic book into stores. E-mail us: The Panel Jumper:… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 56

Today, the gang discuss “pulped” comics – comics that have been published, possibly distributed, and then recalled for whatever reason – as well as the comics grading industry. Other segments include Rapid Fire, Book Report, and Quiz Time. E-mail us: The Panel Jumper: Comics Dungeon: Subscribe via… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 51

Today, the gang talk about the end of Secret Wars, the possible “relaunch” of DC, and how the constant relaunching of titles is ruining the industry. Even Eric Stephenson of Image says the constant rebooting and renumbering is “leading everyone down a dead end road.” We also help cast the… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 49

This week, we give away major “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” spoilers. But before we do that, we discuss the Valiant miniseries Faith and how the Comics Dungeon has 4 different variant covers. And then we get into “The Force Awakens.” If you haven’t seen it, don’t listen. If you… Continue reading