Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 185

After a brief discussion of the semantics of the word “suburb,” the gang find their focus and talk about DC canceling the deluxe reprint of Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil over content concerns. This 24-issue Golden Age collection contains racist caricatures and dialogue, which prompts our panel to discuss whether or not DC made the right call in pulling the plug on reprinting this unfortunate part of their history.

No conclusion is reached (spoiler!), but a healthy discussion is had. Afterward, the gang talk about Vulture’s 8 Best Comics to Read This August, and offer up titles that might have been missed.

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Today on Book Report, Chris reviews Catie Donnelly’s self-published Bae O’Wolf: The Mystery of the Collected Mysteries, Vol. 1

Nicole reviews Nancy in Hell: The Long Road from Amigo.

And lastly but not leastly, Cole reviews X-Men Grand Design, Second Genesis from Marvel.

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