Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 232

Today on an exciting three part episode, the gang sit down briefly to discuss IDW releasing a graphic novel adaptation of the Mueller report. Will people finally read it in comic form? Will it be redacted? Only time will tell.

In the second part of the show, the Stumble Bound crew burst through the door with their Old Fashions and – after a brief discussion about the nature of puns – lament the passing of MAD Magazine and The Walking Dead. Cole and Chris have different views on how Kirkman ended it, so tune in to find out who liked the end, and who has retail rage.

And finally in the third and final part, the gang reconvene for Book Report and Quiz Time.

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Today on Book Report, Cole reviews Walter Simonson’s Ragnarok Vol 1: Last God Standing from IDW.

Nicole reviews Ghost Tree #1 from IDW.

And finally, Chris reviews Event Leviathan #1 from DC.

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