Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 241

Today on the show, the gang welcome special guest Steve Mattsson. Steve is a Portland-based actor and artist who – in the early 1980s – went from fan to professional during the early days of independent comics. He was one of the first hired hands at Dark Horse, and eventually found himself writing and coloring books for Dark Horse, Marvel, and DC. Steve currently makes a living working in the emergency department at a Portland hospital, while acting in film and TV projects on the side.

Today we talk with Steve about:
• His work on Dial H For Hero
• A character of his that found its way into Batman and the Outsiders
Working as Paul Gulacy’s assistant
• How he got started at Dark Horse
• When he started writing for comics
• Re-introducing Flying Buttress to the DC Universe
• Why he left the comics industry
Writing for the Buckaroo Banzai newsletter

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