Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 248

Today on the show, the gang welcome illustrator and graphic designer Jeff Carpenter. He currently works in-house at Wizards of the Coast, where he contributes to Magic: The Gathering, the Transformers TCG, and Dungeons & Dragons. He previously led a team of designers at The 5th Avenue Theatre and freelanced with non-profit clients across the country. He’s just released his first book, FIELD NOTES: An Ecological Journal of Nature’s Marvels which has our entire panel smitten.

FIELD NOTES: An Ecological Journal of Nature’s Marvels re-imagines comic-book characters in their natural settings in the style of a field guide or nature diary. Including over 100 oil, watercolor, and digital paintings along with pencil sketches, dozens of characters are spread out over 90+ full-color pages. The book is comprehensive and celebrates real aspects of nature while referencing the lore that inspired each entry. So, from the flora and fauna of Gotham City, or the spider species of New York, to the grasslands of Wakanda, this book will be a visual guide for all the creatures you might encounter. Each 9×12 hardcover book features a foil-stamped title on the cover and spine and is individually numbered and signed by the artist. This limited edition of 500 art books was printed and bound in the Pacific Northwest.

Listen in as Jeff tells us about:
• Getting his foot in the door at the 5th
• What he does at Wizards of the Coast
• His experience with Kickstarter
• Having a table at ECCC
• His inspiration for Field Notes
• What he has in store for the future

Jeff will be in store at Comics Dungeon on Wednesday, November 20th from 4-7pm signing copies of his book and selling prints of the artwork. Visit Comics Dungeon’s Facebook page for more information.

And be sure to check out more of Jeff’s work and buy his book at

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