Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 82

Today on the show we talk conspiracies, and what comics you should read if you’re interested in the topic. Cole introduces us to the Big Book of Conspiracies from Paradox Press and Brought to Light Chris mentions Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell about the Jack the Ripper killings,… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 79

Today on the show, we talk about the worst comic book movie adaptations other than Halle Barry’s Catwoman. Also, the Stumble Bound crew stumble through the door for the final time this round and talk about random things people forget in relation to comics. E-mail us: The Panel Jumper:… Continue reading

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 53

Our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EPISODE!* Today we talk about the best sellers out of the Dungeon for 2015, both single issues and trade paperbacks. We also discuss Star Wars fanboys and their fan-fic in relation to the Prequel series, as well as which Star Wars characters we’d like to see… Continue reading