The Panel Jumper – Issue 005: Boy Wonder Years

In the 1980s, DC held a phone campaign to let their readers determine whether or not Jason Todd, the second Robin to Bruce Wayne’s Batman, would live or die.

This episode of The Panel Jumper takes a look behind the Bat-cave to examine why the readers made the decision that they did.

Written by Cole Hornaday
Directed by Ben Laurance

Cole Hornaday as The Panel Jumper
Mike Gilson as Manager Mike
Kacey Stevens as Nephew Steve
James Weidman as Fredric Wertham
Daniel Wood as Grant Morrison
Keith Dahlgren as Denny O’Neil
Raymond L. Williams as the Policeman
LaChrista Borgers as Deadly Nightshade
Val Brunetto as Redox
and Batman as Himself

Beverly Amanda Poole
Samantha Routh
Rachel Tyrrel
Cedric Blake Wright
Craig Trolli

Nicolas Rycar
Sarah Papineau
Daniel Christensen
Ryan Spickard
Jordan-Michael Whidbey
Magpie McLaurin
Mark Whitworth

Paul Gude

Theme Music and Audio Mastering: Michael White Hayes
Production Assistant: Hannah Specter
Boom Ops: Webster Polk / Chris Comte
Specialty Props: Alex King
Costumes: Amy Lazerte

A special thank you to Chris Walker for the use of his beautiful Batman suit!

Special Thanks
Chris Casos
Nicole Lamb
Scott Tomlin
AJ Epstein
Jessamyn Bateman-Iino
Tom Stewart
Nicolas Rycar
Chris Leher
Ryan Spickard
Blair Feehan
Chris Comte
Comics Dungeon
18th & Union
The Ethereal Mutt, Ltd.

And to all of our Patreon supporters!

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