Perfect Bound Podcast **LIVE** – Episode 211

Today’s episode comes to you from The Panel Jumper **LIVE** Chapter VII which occurred in Fremont’s own West of Lenin on Friday, February 22nd, 2019. Our guest was Kelly Froh, an Ignatz Award nominated cartoonist and Co-founder & CEO of the Short Run Comix & Arts Festival. We talk with Kelly about what brought her to Seattle, her beginning as a cartoonist, the creation and evolution of the Short Run Comix & Arts Festival, her upcoming book “Walking Uphill,” the story of Samson, Milwaukee’s Greatest Celebrity, and finally the shifting landscape of ‘zine culture.
To find out more about Kelly and the Short Run Festival, visit her Cargo Collective site, and the Short Run homepage.

A note on this episode, the Quiz Time music was mixed a little too loudly during the live broadcast. It’s hard to listen to, but the questions are fun, so power through. I blame myself. -Ben

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