Tickets now on sale for The Panel Jumper LIVE for March 22nd


Join us for the next Panel Jumper **LIVE** and look forward to experiencing…
A sneak peek of Panel Jumper Production’s forthcoming feature-length documentary, Peter Antoniou – Apostle of the Impossible.
A new, short play, “The Hero Who Showed Up” by breakout 14/48: High School playwright TG Sparks, directed by Darian Lindle.
Illustrator Matt Southworth will be on hand to talk about the second volume of The Cloven (Fantagraphics Books), written by NYT Bestselling author Garth Stein (The Art of Racing in the Rain) that tells the tale of secret hoofed human hybrids living in the shadows right here in the Emerald City.
You pick the translation when our favorite polyglot and maverick opera nerd, Alexei Sebastian Cifrese offers up arias from his favorite musical extravaganza, The Phantom of the Opera. Trust us, the joys of audience participation will be in overdrive!
Lastly, Sam Ro will close out the show with their unique brand of socially scathing burlesque. Disclaimer: it might be messy …there may be blood and wine and possibly a splash zone.
Hosted and curated by Cole Hornaday, along with co-producers Ben Laurance and Lola Lindle, The Panel Jumper **LIVE** is where we gather to celebrate nerd culture in all its myriad forms. Produced in collaboration with West of Lenin, this rare revelry of Seattle-based talent will leave you giddy and inspired by all our geek community has to offer.
Recommended for viewers 18 years of age.


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